Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review and Swatch: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Lady at Play

If I was only allowed to use one type of cosmetic for the rest of my life, it would have to be lipstick. I freaking love lipstick. It completely transforms your entire face in one step. I love all kinds of colors: bold reds, bright pinks, crazy purples, sometimes even a nude. Additionally, if I was allowed only one lipstick brand, it would have to be MAC. No one comes close to their variety of colors and finishes. So naturally, I get excited every time MAC announces a new kind of lipstick finish. The Mineralize Rich formula came out a few months ago, but you know. Here at EngineeredBeauty we like to be fashionably late to the party. They are $22 for 3.6 g, as opposed to the $15 for a regular MAC lipstick for 3.0 g. With the Mineralize Rich lipstick, you're paying $6.11 per gram, and with the normal lipstick, you're paying $5.00 per gram. This means that the regular lipstick is a better monetary value, and I imagine that the increased cost comes from the new, fancy packaging.

According to MAC's website, the Mineralize Rich Lipstick is, "a 77-Mineral Moist Complex that instantly nourishes lips with maximum moisture in a lightweight, non-sticky formula. Larger bullet applies bright, long lasting colour in a single stroke. Medium shine finish, buildable coverage. Magnetic closure." Not sure if there are 77 minerals in the lipstick, or if that's just some marketing spiel.

I can confirm, though, that Lady at Play is moisturizing, lightweight, non-sticky, a larger bullet, a long lasting color, medium shine, buildable, and housed in a magnetic closure. Way to be accurate, MAC website!

The packaging is larger than the normal MAC lipstick with a really cool magnetic closure. I'm a big fan of the magnetic closure; there's less of a chance of the lid popping off in my bag, and it's fun to play with. These are the things I care about.

Lady at Play is described by MAC as a "mid-tonal cool tangerine." I'm not entirely sure how much I agree with that description. To me, it's more of a neutral pinky coral. 

Swatchy swatchy. This thing is super pigmented, y'all. This was two swipes of color. When worn on the lips, it feels like there's basically nothing at all. I really like the level of shine to it. I'm a matte lips girl, and this seems like a happy medium between the matte-ness I love and a glossy creme. I would compare the feeling on the lips to a Revlon Lip Butter, but this is much more pigmented. A good thing about this lipstick is that your lips don't have to be in the best shape for this to work. 

Lady at Play is a bolder color, but I feel completely comfortable wearing it in the office because it's a no-fuss color. 

This was me putting it on in the car as soon as I purchased it. It was love at first sight. 

Here's me wearing it at work. Loving how you can't see my eyes because of the lenses of my glasses. 

And here's me making a confused face and wearing it with some bad hair. Also, please don't judge me for the Hollister polo. I love polo shirts and it was half off. I had to suffer ten minutes of breathing the cologne-infested air of that wretched place to get this shirt, okay! Cut me some slack!

Overall, I freaking LOVE Lady at Play. The formula is amazing, it sits so nicely on the lips, and the color is fantastic. It's an everyday way to way a bolder summer shade...although let's be real, I'm still going to be rocking this baby in the dead of winter. I love it that much.

So get thee to a MAC counter! And grab you some of this goodness!

Until next time, kiddos,
xo, Maria. 

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