Sunday, July 7, 2013

FOTD: My Attempt Do Free Wheelin' 1920s Flapper Makeup

The 1920s have been all the rage recently. I myself am a Fitzgerald fan girl, but I've been kind of avoiding the whole 20s trend for a variety of reasons.

1) The clothing style of the 1920s does not suit me. At all. The whole point of the era's fashion was to break out of the Victorian mold and embrace a more boyish silhouette. While this may have looked dashing on the daring ladies of the Jazz Age, my curvy figure needs the hourglass silhouettes of the 1940s. A dropped waist makes me look like a rectangle, which is not super appealing.

2) This is going to sound like a pretentious hipster, but I try to avoid trends when it comes to makeup. It's certainly impossible to avoid sticking to trends entirely, but I prefer to play around with what I'm personally loving and personally suits me, instead of what all the other kids are doing. YA HEAR THAT? I DON'T BEND TO PEER PRESSURE! #DAREgraduate

3) The 1920s was all about the dark eyes. I have small eyes that I am extremely self conscious about. For the entirety of high school, I packed on black liner to my lower waterline. This was not a good look. I remember staring in the mirror when I got ready wondering why my face looked so unbalanced. If only the Doctor would come along...we could pop into the TARDIS and I would sprint into the bathroom, pry the kohl from my pale hands, and replace it with a nice nude. Maybe high school wouldn't have sucked then...Enough whining about high school, onto the post!

I'm an avid reader of the reddit forum, MakeupAddiction, aka Those girls and guys are the bomb diggity. That subreddit is seriously my happy place. A few days ago, there was a FOTD challenge to do a 1920s inspired face. I was just lounging around the apartment, so I figured, why not?!

Here was the end result:

This is ridiculously out of my comfort zone, but it was fun! I really tried to channel what I believe to be the point of the beauty revolution of the 1920s. It was all about sticking it to the man; throwing off the chains that was Victorian innocence and chastity, and embracing a lifestyle of the Lost Generation. Their eyes were dark and smudgy and imprecise, and they often used dark lipstick in the shape of a Cupid's bow. Additionally, the cosmetics of the day basically only allowed for matte, pale faces. I'm sitting at about NW15 with dry skin, so I naturally fall into a matte, pale face. You guys, I would have been sooooo popular back then. But I digress.

I tried to use the Urban Decay liner in Perversion as a base, but it wouldn't smudge at all! That's a good thing when you're using it as an actual liner, and a bad thing when it's meant to be a base. I then packed the black, glittery shadow from the Lorac Femme Fatale palette that was a Hautelook exclusive almost a year ago. I winged it out and tried to make it as smoky and imprecise as possible. I then lined my waterline with Perversion, which I hadn't done in about four years. I'm actually a fan of how this looks! I'm definitely going to be busting this eye look out at the bars sometime. I also used Perversion to fill in my brows, which made them look a bit odd, but oh well. 

The lipstick is NYX Violet Ray, which looks so different on my lips than in any other swatch online. I bought this on a whim about a year ago and have only worn it once, I think. Note to self: wear this more! I love this shade.

Overall, I really liked challenging myself to create this look.

OH SO SULTRY. Just kidding. I couldn't be sultry if my life depended on it.

Until next time, kiddos,
xo, Maria.

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