Sunday, July 21, 2013

Haul, Swatches, and Review: Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Limited Edition Trios in I'm Seeing Triples!, Three's a Party, and A Regular at the Factory

I was supposed to be on a no buy until the start of August, but some lovely Limited Edition items broke my resilience.

I'm an absolute sucker for Wet n Wild...I think it is just about the best value out there on the market. It's dirt cheap, but still usually amazing quality. By purchasing these shadows, you can experiment and play with new colors without breaking the bank.

The brand recently brought out a collection of Pop Art Craze trios inspired by Andy Warhol and the girls of the Factory. I think that's a really interesting era of art and was very excited to pick up a few pieces.

My local Walgreen's had a small display of all of the trios, so I had to make the tough decision of which ones I should buy. I could have picked up all of them, but I decided to have at least some self restraint and limit myself to three. Here's what I picked up.

I'm Seeing Triples! has a soft green, a bright blue, and a plummy purple. Three's A Party has what is somewhere between a white and a cream, a red (a rarity for the drugstore!) and a matte black. A Regular at the Factory has a soft butter yellow, a bluish teal, and a warm almost rusty orange.

I hate the applicators that come with it, but I ended up keeping the sponge tip ones because it is a decent way to pack on the color.

And here's the swatches. Each trio is swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. As you can tell, the pigmentation only comes when a white base is used. I have to say, I'm not too impressed with these shadows. Wet n Wild usually has stellar pigmentation without a base, but that is clearly not the case here. What is does have going for it is that the colors are very unique for the drugstore. I've been playing with different combos, and my favorite is a sunset eye--the yellow on the inner portion of the eye, blended into the orange, and then blended into the red on the outer portion of the eye. Another downside is that it would be hard to make an actual look out of just one trio. I suppose a look could be made with just Three's a Party, but I feel like a balanced look would require supplemental shadows for most of the trios. However, that's not something I'm very concerned with because I would rather have a unique color than yet another browbone highlight shade.

So, in summary, it isn't the greatest quality, but I would still urge you to pick these up. The price is right, just under three bucks a pop, and I love collecting Limited Edition items. If you see them while you're out at Walgreens, be sure to snag them before they're gone!

Until next time, kiddos,
xo, Maria.

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